As Far As I Know

by Dead Bouquet

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Recorded, mixed and produced by Paul Kimble (best known for his works with Grant Lee Buffalo, Velvet Goldmine OST, Luna...)

Mastered by Joe Gastwirt (nominated for a Grammy for his remaster of "Pet Sounds" by The Beach Boys and worked with Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Grateful Dead, Pearl Jam, Neil Young...)

2014 Seahorse Recordings


released October 15, 2014

Dead Bouquet:

Carlo Mazzoli - Vocals, 12-string acoustic guitar
Daniele Toti - Bass, background vocals

All songs written by Carlo Mazzoli, excpet "And It Flows" (music: C.Mazzoli / Marco Molino. Lyrics: C.Mazzoli)

© Carlo Mazzoli 2014

Drums & percussions by Fabio De Angelis



all rights reserved


Dead Bouquet Roma, Italy

I Dead Bouquet sono un trio rock che esprime atmosfere mistiche e notturne attraverso lande di eclettica psichedelia suggellata dalla distorsione di una 12 corde acustica e caratterizzate da sonorità folk, celtiche e di confine.
Il disco d’esordio, “As Far As I Know”, è stato registrato e prodotto da Paul Kimble, bassista dei Grant Lee Buffalo, il quale vi ha partecipato anche come session man.
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Track Name: The Dam
You have no point of view,
but your lack of confidence
as you turn on the news
"You're going to lose your job", they said...
You'd want to scream out loud
"...or so it seems!" - the T.V. host misread
Monkey on channel four
jumps, laughs and lies for love of the state

Take off your clothes
I want you to feel naked
just like me

...and what about this dam right here?
You can hold off the troubles,
but they won't just disappear
That's the way we are amused...
we say time is not enough to wonder
while we all know it's a lame excuse

Feel like you're the only one whose sane,
but it tastes just the same when you feel strange
"It's a world of illusions" - I heard
What's been foretold has been done
even if it's not what you were looking for at all

Take off your clothes
I want you to feel alone
just like me

This place burns,
but someday the river
will get around it
as the dam will break.
Track Name: Little Thing
Hey, little thing...
you are a tear coming down from an old fashioned goddess's eye
roaming the universe for years
and brought to us by satellite

Dear little thing,
are you trying to keep this whining realm safe?
Well, I can't see clearly
Confusion often stops too late

Oh, little thing!
You built so many doors here... and you even melt the keys
I guess you're feeling so unique
as close to the way we feel lonely in between

Hey, little thing,
here come tales about people who dropped that rope and sailed away
with boats traded for their shoes
but you turned into a fish and then you came as a wave.
Track Name: My Baby and I
Surprised by the sun that makes its way to the north
The old iron melts, here on the autobahn
We would like to be part of the ancient forest...
my baby and I

We run across wise lands and long rivers
The steam comes up from the waters
while we solemnly dream...
my baby and I

As soon as we stepped into the big city,
there was no time to share our astonishment
Everything became hostile and we didn't know where to go
We just need a place to stay,
to finally feel free and to enjoy ourselves
How could anyone live without a refuge?

We dream...
We solemnly dream...
My baby and I.
Track Name: Curse
It's something he holds very tight
and never leaves his sight
A sleight of hand made by calamity dice
Now, he's not afraid
of how they work now

Every step made he's alone
It's like everyone would like to put
their own names on a cornerstone
on a road where he made a change
a long time ago

Calling it a curse it won't give a damn
to no one else
Oh, he just needs a real enemy to fight.
Track Name: As Far As I Know
As far as I know
there's nothing like you
You give my soul relief
turning chaos into a quiet lamb

As far as I know
I've never sung my love for you
but it is endless and words can't compete
You make my soul admire you in silence

The way you enchant me...
oh, it hides no mystery
and the smoke over the metropolis
won't stop us from dreaming

As far as I know
I've never got lost in such beautiful eyes before
You own all the colours of the world
the world we always dream of

and as far as I know
I've never loved you this way before.
Track Name: Barking At My Gate
I don't remember the last night I slept
I've been moving from place to place
There's a man barking at my gate

and he looks so aggressive
but I'm here on my own
gathering worries for my thoughts

He's barking at my gate
He won't leave me alone
He just wants me to join him down below

I don't feel any compassion
Can't sense any brotherhood
for the man who's barking at my gate

He doesn't like my view
No, he doesn't like my solitude
...just to name a few

He's the leader of the crowd
The leader of the womb
He just wants me to join him down below.
Track Name: Haven't You Said It?
(music & lyrics: C. Mazzoli)

Downtown... on the streets
Driving their cars... the moment you hate the most
when they come or when they leave...
You don't see them right anyhow

On the mountains... to the sea
They crowd the shores and never leave you alone

Haven't you said you hate all people?
Haven't you said you love all of them?
Haven't you said you hate all people?

Near your house... when you sleep
Starring in your dreams, they ruin them anyway

When you talk they fall from your tongue
You know it's you, 'cause your reason is getting old
A battle lost from the start... well, let's try another one.
Track Name: A Night On A Red Sofa
She... lies on a red sofa
wrapped in the loneliness of a night which betrayed her
She just asks for protection
and that's all she needs

Now there's only the ghost of a man beside her
Tears that flow like the good old days which left her as quick as a routine
They say night is a counselor...
but she's unhappy enough to abandon herself to the source of her pain

and the city around her shows her passageways and yellow street lamps
Bridges over the river that she can use to watch an undying past
Men made her suffer...
some with love, some with doubt.
Track Name: And It Flows
It could easily have gone away from here
leaving a poor soul on the dock,
but it grabbed me with a one eye look
and reminded me of the storm above

Paint the water with a glow
Oh, I barely see my face
Bring a tear to my eyes
'cause the waves have calmed me not
Seconds flow like years
into another night at the dock

At the sunset, I stared at the last evening ship sailing
on her route to nowhere...
but I saw those eyes,
well, they got me down on my knees
and at that time I heard
all the lies I'd been saying.
Track Name: Nobody's Sky
Sunshine and thunder
in nobody's sky
Can't you see out of the blue?
Fallen stars in an empty room
where the corners have low-light

Falling tears wet the old lands
where people hardly smile
Put a mirror on loneliness
and see that sky's about to cry

Faithful man,
since you were born
you've prayed to
nobody's sky
Looking for a god
that could ease your pain
and clean the sin...
the sin of living

Look up,
there's nobody's sky
Can't you see out of the blue?
Look up,
it's about to cry...
a picture reflected on the human race.
Track Name: Sur La Garonne
I'm talking about the river
that flows against the Atlantic tide
coming down from the Spanish mountains
through the city where it gets dyed
by red wine
and where the young lovers' dreams fall
like leaves from the trees...

The wind blows heavy,
but can't wash the memories away
Will the snow hide the passion
or will there be le mascaret?
Well, I'm talking about a river
that to many won't mean a thing...
but everything 'round it whispers her name.
Track Name: Way Back Then
Hide it from the storm
Hide it from yourself
lay it into a seabed that no one knows

The moon is all you see
when you beg your blues to go away
...a presage deep as the blue sea

and these few grains of sand
that you hold in your hands
not turning to gold anytime soon

The things you need to make you a better man
are never the ones you needed way back then,
but if something goes wrong and you sink down
you'd like to float just like way back then.
Track Name: Stories
I've got my eyes on the boat
I want her to tell me stories
stories from coast to coast
and I want her to tell me
where her fine wood comes from

Oh, she went against the tide
so many times that she overtakes my imagination
and I love the way she pleases me...
going so far, but always coming back to the same old shore

Now, my eyes on my hands...
flesh and bones
I want them to tell me who I am
why thoughts want to be me
and why I want to be all of them

I live in a little tent on a mysterious island
...a present I gave to myself
I love to bask within those warm walls all day,
but I'd love to drift away as well.